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Database of Inclusive Teacher Preparation Programs

This database provides easy access to information about inclusive teacher preparation programs in colleges and universities across New York State.

This database is useful to anyone seeking inclusive teacher preparation programs, school districts seeking possible new teacher hires, and anyone seeking information about innovations in Higher Education. It does not include information about any non-inclusive teacher preparation programs in New York State.

To find a school that offers a program you are interested in, please use one of the three methods to search, or click here to view all colleges and universities.


2. Faculty Member: Enter a faculty member's name and press the search button. Please note that not all faculty members involved in a program are included in this database.
3. Degrees and Programs: Select as many as you want to search for and press the search button. Leaving Degrees unselected will search for all degrees. Leaving all programs unselected will search for all programs.
  Programs leading to teaching certificates:

This site is being maintained independently for archival purposes only. Funding for this New York State project ended August 31, 2011.